Full Throttle Stunts

Full throttle stunts is a high intensity, adrenaline fueled stunt and freestyle moto x show.

Owned by FMX rider Adam Thurrowgood who began riding stunt back in 2017. Adam was well known for his beard but in August 2020 he suffered a brain injury over jumping a table top on a BMX, coming off hard. Fracturing his skull, shattering his collar bone. One week post accident he began suffering seizures and was one seizure off ICU. Looking like he was going to be cactus he managed to bounce back and within 2 months he was back on his bike only a few weeks after surgery on that shattered collar bone & surgeons took the beard.

FTS is for the riders & the fans who love all things bikes. Who admire the riders who love to put on a show and risk it all to achieve that level of entertainment that has you cheer’n!

Adam has also designed a FTS Apparel Merch and Moto gear line, set to release this Christmas. Be sure to purchase some FTS and we look forward to performing at a show near you soon! Soon as COVID F#$ks oFF!